VirtuCLEAN vs. SoClean: Choosing the 1 Best CPAP Cleaner for you.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA, is extremely common. This medical disorder affects the soft tissue of the mouth and throat. These soft tissues block the airway when the throat and tongue muscles relax while sleeping, resulting in snoring. Medical professionals typically recommend CPAP therapy for this problem. CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) helps a person suffering from OSA breathe evenly and without interruption while sleeping. Let’s review the basics of VirtuCLEAN vs. SoClean.

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If you’ve been using CPAP therapy to treat your OSA, you know the quality of life it is capable of delivering. Sound sleep night after night not only keeps you awake and alert through the day but also reduces your risk of serious complications from untreated sleep apnea. An essential part of maintaining the benefits your CPAP machine is giving you is keeping the device clean. 

Cleaning Your CPAP Machine is Critical 

Using a CPAP device properly requires a commitment to its regular cleaning. Everyday use of the machine can cause bacteria, mold, and allergens to grow inside. All parts of the machine that get wet are at risk of developing these microbes, so the equipment needs to be sanitized often. Using the device while unclean can cause serious health problems, so it is strongly recommended to regularly clean the device. Neglecting to clean your CPAP machine can result in severe complications. You can sanitize it manually, but an easier way of cleaning the CPAP machine is to use an automatic sanitizing device. You can’t reach every corner of the device manually, so you might consider one of these specialized devices to help. 

How to Choose a Sanitation Device 

The need for proper sanitation comes with using a CPAP device. Finding the right method to clean your system is essential. VirtuCLEAN and SoClean are two of the most popular sanitizer devices that are available for CPAP machines. Each system is unique in its own way, offering different features and operations. These tools successfully kill bacteria and control other contaminants inside the CPAP device using activated oxygen. Let’s review the basics of VirtuCLEAN vs. SoClean.

The VirtuCLEAN uses ozone, also called activated oxygen, to kill pathogens such as E. coli and the flu, in addition to many other germs. The VirtuCLEAN is a portable and compact device with a USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a 10-year lifespan. (Need a longer lasting CPAP battery? Check out the Portable Outlet!) Every charge supplies enough power to complete seven cleaning cycles. The VirtuCLEAN effectively kill 99.99% of mold, bacteria, and germs in a CPAP machine. In the morning, after every use, you can gather your CPAP components in the bag that comes with the VirtuCLEAN, attach your machine’s hose to the VirtuCLEAN sanitizer and turn it on. The device will beep five times after 30 minutes, signaling that the cleaning process is done. It will automatically turn off.   

The SoClean sanitizing device is very similar to VirtuCLEAN but with some distinct differences. Just like VirtuCLEAN, SoClean also uses ozone to clean the CPAP device, finishing the cleaning cycle within 10 minutes. You will have to open the sanitizing machine’s lid, put your CPAP components inside, and close it. The activated oxygen will do the rest. This makes the SoClean also a nearly effortless way to clean your CPAP machine. 

VirtuCLEAN vs. SoClean: Is One Better Than the Other?  

With both the VirtuCLEAN and the SoClean devices being effective and easy to use, how do you choose? In the battle of VirtuCLEAN vs. SoClean, which sanitizer comes out ahead? 

There are several reasons why many sleep apnea patients prefer VirtuCLEAN over SoClean.  VirtuCLEAN runs on a rechargeable battery so it doesn’t require any cords or cables while in use. It also weighs around only half a pound. The SoClean requires expensive adapters and must always be connected to your CPAP machine. The SoClean itself is 2-3 times larger than most CPAPs themselves. This requires a much larger amount of room. The VirtuCLEAN is quieter, very cost-effective, and does not have any unexpected charges to maintain it.  

On the other hand, SoClean is much louder and is more expensive to buy and maintain. A significant drawback of SoClean is that one of the most prominent CPAP manufacturers has recommended against their machines being directly connected to ozone sanitizing devices. They’ve even suggested that doing so may void the CPAP’s warranty. For this and many other reasons, VirtuCLEAN is the clear winner in the VirtuCLEAN vs. SoClean matchup. 

The VirtuCLEAN Advantage 

Many CPAP users are enjoying the benefits that VirtuCLEAN has to offer. They find its small size very convenient, as it can be carried in a suitcase and can easily fit on any nightstand. In addition to being a time-saving tool, one of the best parts about the VirtuCLEAN is that it needs no attention during the cleaning cycle. You are free to do your work or any other activities instead of spending time sanitizing your CPAP device.  

VirtuCLEAN does not use water, soap, or any chemicals to sanitize your CPAP machine, and it can be used with any bi-level system. The device’s battery is full after just two hours of charging. There is no cord to become tangled, and you don’t have to worry about access to an electrical outlet. The VirtuCLEAN operates in an ultra-quiet mode, so you won’t be disturbed while it’s working. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of the VirtuCLEAN, offering 24- month warranty period.  

Ready to try VirtuCLEAN? 

You don’t have to let OSA slow you down. You can treat your sleep apnea and keep your machine clean without disrupting your whole day. If you’re ready to experience all the time-saving benefits of a CPAP sanitizing device, visit our VirtuCLEAN page for more details and to order.

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