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What is inside the Portable Outlet kit?

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The Portable Outlet kit includes the following components:

  • PO160UPS
  • Protective Travel Bag
  • AC Power Cord

Uninterrupted Power, Uninterrupted Sleep

Imagine waking up in the morning after a full night’s sleep, well-rested and ready for the day thanks to your CPAP therapy. You roll over to discover your clock’s display is flashing because your house lost power overnight. Losing power may be a hassle, but you didn’t lose sleep over it. That’s because your CPAP machine was plugged into your Portable Outlet and didn’t miss a beat, giving you a blissfully uninterrupted night of sleep.

Portable Outlet is the perfect solution for people with sleep apnea who are looking for a convenient way to manage their CPAP therapy both at home and on the go. This lightweight and portable device gives patients the freedom to set up anywhere on their own terms, without any interruption. With this device, CPAP treatment is no longer limited to your device’s battery life, which means you can take charge of your condition and enjoy an improved quality of life, uninterrupted.

Stay Powered Up Any Time of Day

You don’t have to hope for the best when it comes to the power supply for your CPAP machine. You can guarantee it with your Portable Outlet. Simply plug your CPAP machine into the Portable Outlet, then the Portable Outlet into your wall outlet. In the event of power loss, it automatically switches on and continues to provide you with uninterrupted therapy for an additional 7 to 9 hours. That means you can maintain your quality of sleep despite any unexpected power interruptions.

Now that you don’t have to worry about your CPAP battery running out or losing power during the night, you’ll be ready to take on the day. Your Portable Outlet can also be used to power electronics like holiday lights, laptops, cell phones, and even gaming systems. This means you can stay comfortable (or entertained) in all kinds of situations. With a device this useful, you’ll want to add more than one to your cart today!

Take charge of your CPAP charge with the reliable and convenient Portable Outlet. Shop now!

Portable Outlet: A Versatile Device That Fits Your Life

There are many compelling features of Portable Outlet, including its long-lasting and versatile CPAP battery. But imagine the ease and convenience of adding all these bonuses to your life with a Portable Outlet (or two!).
Deciding to use Portable Outlet to run your Auto CPAP or BiPAP can be a great decision, especially if you travel regularly. On average, these batteries can run for up to nine hours on Auto CPAPs (4-15cmH20, standard tube, and passover humidifier) and seven hours on BiPAPs (average pressure 10/15cmH20, standard tube, and passover humidifier).
Heated humidification can reduce the battery life of both devices by 50 to 60%, whereas using both heated tubing and heated humidification can further reduce the battery life by 70 to 80%. If you find yourself needing more time in between charges, plugging one Portable Outlet into another can double your battery life.
Vacations are often a great opportunity to take a break and relax. But when it comes to air travel, there’s usually no escape from the stress that comes with packing and unpacking. Trying to remember where items belong or figuring out how to charge them on the airplane is enough of a challenge. That’s why a Portable Outlet is perfect for travelers. It is designed to meet TSA and FAA requirements so you can rely on it for both domestic and international travel prep.
Each Portable Outlet comes with two USB ports and a single standard outlet plug so you can charge two devices at once. With its sleek design and air travel-friendly features, it can help make your journey much easier. And once you’re at the hotel, you can charge your phone and your travel partner’s phone at the same time. Just pop it in your bag, and jet set away – we’ve got you covered!

Always being aware of the battery level in our devices can be a challenge. We often wait until the device shuts down before we notice that its power has run out. Portable Outlet comes with a color display and power percentage indicator eliminates this problem. With these features and more, the Portable Outlet with its color display and power percentage indicator provides safety, convenience, and reliability so you never have to worry about running out of charge again.

Trying to stay connected on the go can become challenging if you’re limited on power outlets and cables. The Portable Outlet is specifically designed for those who are always on the go, providing them with the much-needed connection they need to charge their devices. Whether it’s your laptop, cell phone, tablet, or any other device, a Portable Outlet will allow you to connect multiple devices at once. With a Portable Outlet powering up your devices anywhere you may be, life gets a lot easier!
If you’re tired of having to maneuver around the cords and plugs when you set up holiday lighting decorations or an outdoor party, consider using a Portable Outlet. These devices allow to access electricity in any location – indoors or outdoors – without having to worry about cables or extension cords. Portable Outlet is specifically designed to work when it’s raining, wet, and humid, and is perfect for hard-to-reach locations. So say goodbye to spending hours trying to maneuver around duct tape and tangled cables, and instead opt for a Portable Outlet for all your outdoor power needs.
A sudden power outage can spell doom for your gaming session or movie marathon. But the Portable Outlet solution provides backup energy and even protects your devices from power surges. A Portable Outlet allows you to power most types of TV and gaming systems, including older models that lack their own built-in protection. This means that you won’t have to worry about power surges permanently damaging your device.
You can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands with Portable Outlet. Every purchase comes with a one-year warranty ensuring that your device is covered should any problems arise. During the warranty period, you will be eligible for free repair or replacement in the event of a product defect. This great technological invention is designed to provide portable charging power anywhere, allowing you to get the most from your devices no matter where you are. A year-long warranty lets you relax and enjoy!

Product Specifications and Air Travel Guidelines

Look no further for a powerful and reliable CPAP/BiPAP battery that is compatible with all brands and models. The Portable Outlet can power any brand or model of CPAP or BiPAP without any additional adapters or accessories, making it a great choice for highly mobile users. The specifications of the battery and air travel guidelines are as follows.
The Portable Outlet battery capacity is one of its best features for anyone in need of an emergency power source for longer hours. With 159 Wh/14.4Ah, this device is powerful and reliable, capable of providing up to 145W on peak power output. It has an impressive AC input range of 100-240V/50-60Hz and DC input at 12-19V, 2-3.2A as well as DC output at 5V/3.0A and AC output at 110V/60Hz for maximum convenience. The battery recharging time is about 5 to 6 hours, making it easy to maintain a full charge during trips. Best of all, the lightweight design makes it easy to carry around with you. The Portable Outlet weighs only 2lbs 14ozs and measures 5-3/8” x 9” x 1.5” – great for camping trips or just having on hand in case of an emergency. With its robust construction, impressive capacity, and convenient size, the Portable Outlet battery capacity promises an extra dose of security and peace of mind – perfect for any adventure.

Don’t let unexpected power issues prevent you from getting the restorative sleep that you deserve. Rest easy with the Portable Outlet. Shop now.

When traveling by air with the Portable Outlet, it’s important to be aware of how lithium-ion batteries between 101 and 160 Watts are regulated. Fortunately, the 159-Watt battery is allowed on commercial flights and can be conveniently carried in your carry-on baggage and stored in your seat compartment or overhead bin. It’s a good idea to check with airlines for additional restrictions or requirements for flying with lithium-ion batteries prior to departure, as each airline may have their own policies. It’s also important to keep in mind that only two Portable Outlet batteries are allowed per passenger and they are not permitted in checked luggage placed in the cargo hold of an airplane as they pose a potential fire risk if damaged due to airline handling.

Whether you’re working late, traveling on business, or just enjoying a family vacation, Portable Outlet makes it easy and comfortable to take CPAP treatment everywhere you go. Allowing individuals to remain independent while controlling their health in a new way that is more comfortable and convenient than ever before, this incredibly simple device puts users in command of their sleeping experience like never before.

Tips for Increased Battery Life

Follow these tips to maximize the battery life of your Portable Outlet.
For CPAP users, having the right tube can make a huge difference in their sleep experience. A heated tube was developed to prevent condensation from forming inside of the tube which can happen when someone is sleeping in a cold environment. Many insurance companies cover the cost of a heated tube, so they are usually included with the CPAP device by a provider, but this may not be necessary for all users. To reduce power consumption and save on battery life, it may be beneficial to turn off the heat option or replace the heated tube altogether. If you do decide to go with a non-heated tube, make sure to inspect it frequently for any damage due to moisture or condensation since it can still form without heat present.

For maximum battery life, it may be useful to turn down, turn off, or remove the heated humidifier when using your CPAP device. Heated humidification can be helpful when using a CPAP machine and mask, but it might not always be necessary, depending on the situation. Many patients are getting the same comfortable sleep environment without heated humidification, such as those that add water without the heat turned on or use a low heat level; who use a full face mask; who sleep outside or in an environment without air conditioning; or who are flying on an airplane. Removing this component can help to maximize battery life and make using your machine more convenient for travel. It is important to consult with your provider about what is the best solution for your specific situation. Overall, heated humidifiers should not be omitted if they are enhancing your experience with CPAP therapy and keeping you committed. However, in certain circumstances knowing when and how to reduce, turn off, or eliminate the heater can save battery life and help you breathe more comfortably with CPAP. Make sure you listen to your body so you make a decision based on personal needs and comfort levels.

Mask leaks can cause a lot of frustration and discomfort when trying to get a good night’s sleep while using CPAP or other PAP devices. But what you may not be aware of is that mask leaks can also prevent the positive effects of PAP therapy, leading to poor sleeping hours and therapy disruption. Additionally, mask leaks can cause an excessive drain on your device’s battery life. Fixing mask leaks could be as simple as replacing the existing one or changing from a nasal or nasal pillow mask to a full face mask. Not only will this improve sleep quality but also help maintain battery life. So if your device is suffering from battery drain, it might be time to check for any mask leaks first. Do remember to reach out for any advice- we are here to help. You are never alone in your journey toward a great night’s sleep.
Prolonging the life of your CPAP battery is important for those relying on this device for their nightly sleep. For individuals who are already using an optional heated tube and heated humidifier, lowering or turning off the c-flex or EPR can help to further extend battery life. The c-flex (comfort flex) and the EPR (exhale pressure relief) both reduce the pressure when expelling air over 6,000 times in an 8-hour period, which can take its toll on your equipment’s power supply. Reducing or avoiding this fluctuation of pressure can help significantly reduce battery drainage. That’s why it’s highly recommended to speak with your prescribing physician about lowering or turning off these modes when possible in order to save your battery life.

CleanCPAP: For Uninterrupted Comfort Every Night

Whether you started CPAP therapy after your spouse complained about your snoring or if you noticed signs of sleep disruption on your own, you know how important quality sleep is to your health.

While getting the right amount of zzz’s is important, so is making sure that if you’re using CPAP equipment it is cleaned properly. CPAP machines are equipped with humidifiers and masks which require regular cleaning to avoid infection and irritation. We understand that using complicated machines can be intimidating; this is why we offer quality, simple cleaning solutions designed to help keep your machine clean and performing optimally while also aiding in preventing any illness or fatigue. So, don’t be deprived of the best sleep possible- take charge today and make sure your CPAP machines are functioning perfectly. We want to help ensure that you can enjoy a good night’s rest – now and in the years ahead – while also living an active and healthy life free from extra medical problems caused by poor sanitation standards. We offer everything you may need for your CPAP therapy, from cleaning supplies and automatic cleaners to CPAP replacements.

CPAP devices
We are proud to offer customers a wide range of CPAP and BiPAP devices that can help treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and other breathing disorders. Our top-of-the-line machines are designed to keep airways clear and users comfortable during sleep, so that you can rest well each night. Our selection includes the Luna G3 APAP CPAP A20, Luna G3 BPAP 25A by 3B Medical, and iBreeze Resvent CPAP which provide a quality experience that meets the industry standards of performance and reliability.
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At Your Doorstep

At CleanCPAP, we do our best to make sure that your items are sent to you quickly and securely. All orders are processed within 1-3 business days so you don’t have to wait around for your shipment. Unfortunately, orders cannot be shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays, and there may be delays during periods of high volume orders. If this is the case, we will contact you via email or telephone to let you know as soon as possible. Once an order has shipped out, customers will receive a shipment confirmation email with their tracking number(s). The tracking number should be active within 24 hours of receiving this email. We currently only ship domestically in the US and its territories, as well as APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

Shipping charges are calculated and displayed at checkout so you know upfront how much your order will cost, but we understand how tight budgets have become. That’s why we offer free shipping on orders over $75. Here at CleanCPAP, we strive to provide a great experience for all our customers – that’s why we’re proudly dedicated to providing fast and safe packaging services at the best possible prices.

For Your Beauty Sleep – and Theirs

If you’ve ever experienced sleep disruption because your CPAP machine lost power in the middle of the night, you know how frustrating it is for both you and your partner. We feel for anyone who has been through this extremely annoying situation, and we know just how important it is to have uninterrupted, restful sleep. With the amazing Portable Outlet, you can experience an uninterrupted power supply and a reliable full night’s rest. So if you’re ready to take back control of your sleep therapy, shop now for a Portable Outlet for your CPAP today.
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