Bringing to the table more than 40 years of experience, CleanCPAP is making it easier than ever before to keep your CPAP safe.

To those who require CPAP equipment, there is no gray area: it is often a matter of life and death. This is life-saving equipment for the people who rely on it, and yet on a large scale, the equipment goes unused. Why is this? When patients know that they could die if they choose not to use their CPAP equipment, why would they ever choose not to use it?

The fact of the matter is that CPAP equipment is, by and large, excessively difficult to clean by hand. Few people are able to clean their CPAP equipment properly on a regular basis, and when this equipment goes uncleaned, sinus infections, skin infections, and respiratory irritation are the consequences. I know; I’ve seen it. After setting up and maintaining hundreds of CPAP patients over the course of my career, I saw just how infrequently they sanitized their equipment properly and just how frequently they suffered the consequences as a result.

I have worked in hospitals, home respiratory medical equipment, and respiratory pharmacy, and I know how critical it is to medical care to clean equipment properly. There are many horror stories that I could tell you, stories that would make your skin crawl, all because people became lax with their sanitizing routines.

Personally, I have experience with CPAP equipment, bipaps, bilevels, ventilators, oxygen, nebulizers, and other respiratory equipment, and my team and I have worked in the medical field for a combined 40 years. We understand what people need.

Taking our knowledge and expertise, we launched CPAP, a start-up through which we are offering a premium line of cleaning solutions that make it easier for patients to remain compliant with the necessary sanitizing routines and keep their equipment running at peak efficiency. Our proprietary design has the potential to impact sleep apnea patients worldwide – putting better health, better sleep, and better lives within reach. Since 1999, we have been steadfast in our commitment to making the world a better place for CPAP patients. We are passionate about what we do, and there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that we have guided someone toward safer, more effective CPAP.

We Take Our Work Seriously

This is serious stuff. People rely on their CPAP equipment to live, and we take these products seriously. As the founder of CleanCPAP, I make sure that my team and I adhere to the highest standards of quality throughout the development process. CleanCPAP offers nothing but top-of-the-line cleaning solutions for CPAP equipment.

Creative Thinking

When it comes to CPAP equipment, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We have custom-made adapters for masks, tubing, and other pieces – all in an effort to make CPAP equipment safer and more reliable. This is what defines us: our willingness to think outside the box and get creative. You can count on us to stick with this mindset and do whatever it takes to serve CPAP patients everywhere.

Sleep Peacefully

Don’t you deserve a good night’s rest? Of course you do. Yet, if you’re supposed to use CPAP equipment and not using it, then you are almost certainly falling short of any rest that could be considered high-quality. We want to make your best sleep something that you experience night in and night out and make it possible for you to use your CPAP equipment safely and confidently tomorrow, next week, and in all the months and years ahead. We want you to live a long and healthy life – and to know that your CPAP equipment is not going to create any extra problems for you, like infection or irritation. It starts with the right cleaning, which starts with the right cleaning solutions, and that is where we step in to help.

Spread the Word and Support CleanCPAP

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Let’s make peaceful sleep into a worldwide movement!

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