6 Reasons Why Liviliti’s Paptizer Smart CPAP Cleaner Is Just What You Need Right Now

Did you just get a CPAP machine or are you ready for an automatic cleaner for your existing one? Are you wondering which CPAP cleaner to choose? Or maybe it’s time to upgrade the last ozone-based model that you bought? For patients with sleep apnea, CPAP machines are essential for their well-being. Without them, patients risk becoming vulnerable to life-altering medical disorders. In the worst-case scenarios, these disorders can also prove to be life-threatening. And what is just as important to sleep apnea patients as using their CPAP machine each night is using a clean CPAP machine. That’s where CPAP cleaners come in.

Currently, there are two technologies that reign over the market for disinfection of medical equipment: ozone-based disinfection technology and UV-C light-based disinfection technology. Both of them are equally efficient in eliminating microorganisms with a 99.9% kill rate. When it comes to disinfecting CPAP equipment, there are certain features that make the UV-C light-based disinfection technology more attractive to users than the ozone-based technology.  

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Dead skin gather in the CPAP mask with each use. On top of that, there’s moisture in the mask and tubing system which can serve as a breeding ground for bacterial growth. According to Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School research, 48% of samples collected from CPAP masks had developed bacteria counts of over 2,000 within 48 hours. Having a dirty CPAP machine can lead to many issues that range from mild allergies from dust to a full-blown reaction to black mold. That is why it is extremely important for patients that use CPAP to maintain and clean their machines frequently. But how do you decide what technology to depend on when it comes to keeping your CPAP equipment perfectly sterile?

The Advantages of UV-C Light-Based CPAP Cleaners Over Ozone-Based

Liviliti Paptizer UV Sanitizer, Packaging, Holding Rack, and Power Connector


Liviliti Paptizer UV Sanitizer, Packaging, Holding Rack, and Power Connector

Like ozone, the UV-C radiation from the sun is harmful to living things. The sun’s UV energy is absorbed by the planet’s atmosphere, so here on earth, the only sources of UV-C radiation are manufactured devices such as CPAP cleaners. In CPAP cleaners, the ability of both ozone and UV-C light to eliminate harmful life forms is utilized to disinfect medical equipment of any microorganisms. But the difference between the two technologies that can make one better than the other is security.

Because ozone is a gas, there is always a chance of leakage. The best ozone-based cleaners take a long time after the disinfection process is over so that the ozone can break down into non-toxic components before the user can open the machines and retrieve their CPAP equipment. Some models even require the user to perform the disinfection process in an open area so that the leaking ozone can dissipate into the environment. If the user is performing the disinfection in a closed space, it is advised not to be present in the same room as long as the machine is in use. In addition to this, ozone-based CPAP cleaners can leave a residual smell as well.

Even in the limited quantities present in a CPAP cleaner, exposure to ozone can cause allergies and breathing problems. That’s why ozone-based CPAP cleaners have extra security features and a long waiting time before the equipment can be removed. The resting period is to allow the ozone to dissipate so the equipment becomes safe to use.

For these reasons, UV-C light-based cleaners are becoming more popular. While UV-C light is harmful to humans as well, the UV-C light-based CPAP cleaners come with automatic safety features that shut off the UV-C lights when the disinfection is over or the machine is opened. This ensures that the user never comes into contact with harmful UV-C rays. There is no risk of any leakage or residual smell. The disinfection process is also extremely short in UV-C light-based CPAP cleaners; for example, in the LILIVITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Sanitizer, the sanitization process takes only three minutes compared to the half an hour or more taken by most ozone-based CPAP cleaners. Plus, no one needs to wait for an hour or more for any ozone to dissipate. With LILIVITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Sanitizer, you can use your CPAP equipment immediately after they have been disinfected.

6 Reasons Why the LIVILITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Cleaner Is Just What You Need Right Now

The LIVILITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Cleaner is a 100% ozone-free and mercury-free device that can clean your CPAP mask, headgear, tubing, and water chamber. Here are some features of the device that give it an edge over other products on the market:

1: 99.9% microorganism elimination rate

Neils Finsen was awarded the 1903 Nobel Prize for discovering that ultraviolet (UV) light could kill microorganisms. Since then, people have had numerous reasons to incorporate the science behind this fact into devices to create sterile environments. But recent events in human history have made it more clear than ever that while the microbes around us are evolving, our sanitization methods have to evolve from the old soap, water, and clean cloth scenario. And that’s where the LIVILITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP cleaner comes in. It disinfects items by using UV-C light that has a wavelength between 260 to 280 nanometers. This UV-C light eliminates 99.9% of the most adamant viruses, bacteria, and mold (including the novel Coronavirus) that are present on your CPAP equipment.

2: Minimal setup and easy-to-use

The LIVILITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Cleaner is a very easy-to-use device that requires minimal set-up. Just plug one end of the power adapter in the device, the other end into an electrical outlet, open the lid, and put the stainless steel rack inside the machine.  To clean your CPAP mask, place it on the rack with the inside facing up for maximum UV exposure and sanitation. You then close the lid and press the ON/OFF button to power up the PAPTIZER. You will see that all four buttons on the device are illuminated. There are three working modes available. Once you choose which one you want, simply press the button for it, and the disinfection process will begin.

3: Twin safety from microbes and UV-C

Featuring 40 UVC LEDs, the LIVILITI PAPTIZER Smart Sanitizer is an industry-leading product that sanitizes and deodorizes CPAP equipment. Security in CPAP cleaners has two aspects: first, to ensure that the CPAP equipment is properly germ-free post the disinfection process, and second, the process should in no manner be harmful to the user.  Here is how they work:

Ensuring security from microorganisms

The PAPTIZER is a simple, hassle-free, highly efficient device that disinfects CPAP equipment through a simple drop-close-press scenario. The LIVILITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Sanitizer is highly effective in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and mold. It provides high levels of sanitation and dryness through UV light, heat, and a circulated air system. To protect your CPAP equipment further, the PAPTIZER provides a sterile space for storing your equipment for up to 24 hours. 

Ensuring security from UV-C

UV-C light is hazardous to humans, and prolonged exposure or controlled exposure over a long period can lead to cataracts and skin cancer. A built-in security feature in the LIVILITI PAPTIZER protects users from accidentally being exposed to UV-C by automatically shutting off the lights when the lid is opened. This way, the user is never exposed to UV-C light even if they accidentally open the lid during operation. Furthermore, once disinfection has been completed, the device switches off automatically. This provides an extra layer of security by preventing the user from being exposed to UV-C light unintentionally.

Quick disinfection and zero waiting time

The PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Cleaner is extremely fast when it comes to the disinfection process. A perfect companion for a busy day, it takes just three minutes to kill 99.9% of all the microbes on your CPAP components. Afterward, you can simply take out the components and use them. Compared to traditional ozone-based CPAP cleaners that take anywhere from twenty minutes to one hour to clean the CPAP equipment, the PAPTIZER Smart CPAP cleaner is lightning swift. Even better, the LIVILITI PAPTIZER does not require any waiting time after the disinfection is over, as there are no toxic gasses that have to dissipate into the environment before you can open the machine. The PAPTIZER Smart CPAP cleaner does not leave behind any residual smell as well. If you choose to hand wash your CPAP components and wish to dry them post the disinfection process, you can do so in the LIVILITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP cleaner. The device takes one hour to dry the items.

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Smart signaling via indicators and LED screen

The PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Cleaner has a small LED screen that keeps you informed of what the device is doing and counts down the time remaining for the ongoing process. Along with this, the indicator lights also help you understand the processing of the device and its various modes.

To switch on the device, press the ON/OFF button. The LED screen will come on displaying ‘000’ with all indicator lights high and bright. A 180-second timer is displayed on the LED screen when the device is used for three-minute quick disinfection. In this process, the ON/OFF and fast sterilize indicators are bright and high while the other two are dim. In Auto Mode, the device sterilizes, deodorizes, utilizes a temperature-controlled drying system, and keeps the sanitized objects in a sterile environment. The ON/OFF and Auto Mode indicators are bright and high throughout this cycle. In the three-minute quick disinfection and sterile storage mode, the indicators for ON/OFF, fast sterilization, and sterile storage indicators are high and bright. A rotating indication is shown on the LED screen for 180 seconds in this process and in the Auto Mode process that counts down the time remaining.

With the LED screen and the indicator lights, one look at the device will tell you what is happening. You won’t need to hover over it, anxiously waiting for the process to finish smoothly. Once the disinfection begins, it takes three minutes to finish. If you are opting for the 60-minute drying option, you can just start the process and carry on with your day.

Being more than a CPAP cleaner

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A simple-to-use device, the LIVILITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Sanitizer requires minimal setup and preparation to be used. But apart from being effective and easy, the device also has other great features and characteristics:


With a simple press of a button, users can quickly sanitize their CPAP equipment and disinfect a range of personal items such as keys, breast pumps, pacifiers, glasses, car keys, baby bottles, cell phones, toothbrushes, and more. Basically, whatever you can fit inside the PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Sanitizer will be smartly sanitized to medical-grade standards.  It is a versatile device that is a must for households these days, even if you do not use a CPAP machine.


When it comes to weight and size, the LIVILITI PAPTIZER is on the heavier side. But that does not hold it down from being a great travel partner. It weighs 4.29 lbs, is cube-shaped, and has dimensions of 11.89 x 10.59 x 6.06 inches, which might appear bulky. But because of its compact shape and comfortable handle on top, the device is effortless to travel with. On the move, it will not feel much different than a vanity case or a cooler. The added benefit of being able to sanitize more than just your CPAP equipment makes up for the size of the device. Imagine the range of things you can sanitize with your PAPTIZER Smart CPAP cleaner while traveling. Perfect for both short or long travels, it can easily fit in with the rest of your luggage and remain entirely inconspicuous until you need it.

Enjoy Fast, Powerful and Safe CPAP Cleaning with the LIVILITI PAPTIZER

The LILIVITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Sanitizer is a powerful device that can uplift the quality of your life without requiring a single change of filter or component. The LED lights inside the device give you over ten thousand hours of functionality, with little or no input from your side. If you need more information about the LILIVITI PAPTIZER Smart CPAP Sanitizer before you can make a confident decision, give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions. If you’re ready to bring home the power of UV-C light today, you can get the internet’s best price on the LIVILITI PAPTIZER right here at

Get an additional 10% OFF your order with the CLEAN Discount Code

$329 $259

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