How to Clean a Heated CPAP Hose

Taking a shower or bath in the morning is a great way to start your day. Your CPAP equipment needs a refreshing dip and good hygiene routine as much as your body does. Regular maintenance of your CPAP machine can help it function properly. Hoses, humidifiers, and masks can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, so it is vital that everything is kept as clean as possible. But how can you make sure you get a clean CPAP hose? Moreover, how can you make sure you get a clean heated CPAP hose?

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While using a CPAP machine, you know it can be a hassle to keep everything clean. Not only do you have to worry about the mask and headgear, but you must also consider the hose. If you’re using a heated CPAP hose to keep your airways open at night, it’s essential to clean it regularly. Regular cleaning will help extend the life of your hose and will also help keep your machine running efficiently. Read on for further guidance on how to clean your heated CPAP hose.

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How is a heated CPAP hose different from a regular CPAP hose?

The main difference between heated CPAP hoses and their regular counterparts is, of course, the generated heat. In a heated CPAP hose, copper wires run throughout the spirals of the hose in a heated circuit. This small wire heats the inside wall and the internal airspace of the CPAP hose to a specific point.

Most machines on the market today use a heating element to set the circuit temperature. This heating element has two main purposes. Primarily, it helps maintain the amount of moisture produced by the heated humidifier. Secondly, you get less “rainout” (condensation build-up) in the hose with a heated circuit. Humidity is picked up by the air coming into the machine as it passes over the heated water. That humidity is then maintained throughout the hose length since it is heated.

Cooler air means more condensation. With a non-heated CPAP hose, the humidified air entering the hose can be much cooler, and considerable condensation buildup may occur. After a while, this condensation buildup will increase to the extent that water begins to collect. The water can only go back and forth between the hose, the mask, and your face or back into the humidifier.

The main issue with water collection in the hose is that it can create some resistance to the flow and pressure that goes in and out of the hose. This, in turn, can create complications with the ease of breathing with the machine. While in most cases, water in the hose is just more of a bother than anything else, a clean heated CPAP hose reduces the amount of rainout that occurs in a CPAP circuit and helps maintain the amount of humidity delivered to the patient.

How do you clean a heated CPAP hose?


The “more hassle less clean” technique


Clean the heated CPAP hose before first use and at least weekly. The heated CPAP hose is single-patient multi-use.

1. Disconnect the heated CPAP hose from the heated humidifier.

2. Warm water and mild soap/detergent should be used to clean the heated CPAP hose.

CAUTION: Do not submerge the humidifier end of the heated tubing in water.

3. Allow to air dry after thorough rinsing. Ensure the tubing is dry before use (ugh, too much work).

4. Inspect the heated CPAP hose for damage or wear (cracking, crazing, tears, punctures, etc.). Discard and replace if necessary.

The “less hassle, more clean” technique

When you use a CPAP cleaner, you can be assured you are using clean and sanitized equipment every time you use your CPAP machine. With the available automatic shut-off system of a CPAP cleaner, you can even leave the cleaner running and get on with your day (yes, it is that easy). It is simply a matter of wiping all the components with a CPAP wipe or using a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Then put your mask and water chamber inside the sanitization bag and zip it closed.

Clean heated CPAP hose

Next, connect one end of your heated CPAP hose to the bag and the other to the cleaning device. Finally, press the power button on the device to begin cleaning your equipment and get on with your day. Want to know which CPAP cleaner is best to get a clean heated CPAP hose and overall equipment? Check out the CPAP cleaner comparison blog.

Save your time and effort with a CPAP cleaner

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