How to Clean a CPAP Machine Using the Sleep8 Device

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where breathing stops and starts repeatedly while sleeping. A person suffering from this disorder has episodes where their breathing stops for a few seconds multiple times per night. Some cases can be quite severe, where breathing can pause 30 times or more per hour. 

A staggering 37% of American adults suffer from sleep apnea. The United States, Brazil, and Colombia have 60% of the world’s cases, a total of 170 million people.  

Sleep apnea drastically reduces quality of life for those affected by it due to the continuous disruption in restorative sleep. If left untreated, the condition can cause serious cardiovascular issues as well. CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, is the treatment most often used to treat sleep apnea patients. In CPAP therapy, mild air pressure is applied through a ventilator to allow the person to breathe steadily while sleeping. 

CPAP is a highly beneficial treatment with impressive long-term results. However, it is essential that the equipment be kept clean. A CPAP machine and its accessories require detailed care and cleaning for them to be germ-free. While the device can be cleaned with soap and water, the process is tedious and lengthy. Also, there is always the chance that some moisture might remain in the machine post-cleaning. This creates a birthing ground for microbes to breed and poses a significant risk to the health of the user.  

The CPAP machine’s prolonged use can cause microbial growth such as mold to develop in the device. Therefore, experts recommend that you clean your CPAP machine every day for proper sanitation and hygiene. The CPAP mask, tubing, and water chambers all require detailed attention.  

One of the best and easiest ways to clean your CPAP machine thoroughly is by using a Sleep8 device. It is a compact CPAP cleaner and sanitizer that kills 99% of the germs and bacteria within your machine’s tubing system. Sleep8 is a waterless and chemical-free Activated Oxygen System that can sanitize a CPAP machine with just one click. It provides a thorough cleaning for both heated and non-heated tubing systems.  

Sleep8 Sanitizer and Cleaner 

The Sleep8 Sanitizer and Cleaner set has the following components: 

  1. Sleep8 Device. This device pumps activated oxygen into the bag and sanitizes the CPAP components.
  2.  Sanitizing Filter Bag with a durable built-in carbon filter. The bag holds the CPAP components for sanitization and also safely filters the ozone back to oxygen as it escapes during cleaning. The sanitizing filter bag should be changed after 90 days of regular use to ensure the best performance of the built-in carbon filter. 
  3. Micro USB Charger that recharges the batteries of the Sleep8 device. 

Required Supplies For Cleaning 

Before you begin cleaning your CPAP machine, gather all the required items in one clean space with good lighting. You will need the CPAP equipment (mask, headgear, tubing, humidifier water chamber, CPAP machine), the Sleep8 device and filter bag, a soft cloth and a small sink or basin. 

CPAP Cleaning Steps 

The first step to cleaning the CPAP is to disassemble the machine. To avoid any danger of electrocution, unplug the CPAP machine from the power source. Remove the mask, the headgear (if any), and any other attachment from the CPAP tubing. Then remove the tubing, the humidifier output, and any other connectors. Lastly, remove the water chamber from the humidifier unit and separate it into its components, if possible. You are now ready to begin the cleaning procedure by following these steps: 

  1. Collect the CPAP tubing, mask, headgear, humidifier, and other components you wish to sanitize. Locate the circular valve at the bottom of the Sleep8 sanitizing bag and attach the end of the CPAP tubing to it. 
  2. Put the tubing, mask, headgear and other components into the Sleep8 sanitizing bag. 
  3. If your CPAP has a humidifier chamber, remove the chamber from the CPAP and empty any water from it. Wipe any remaining water drops from the chamber with the soft cloth and place the chamber in the bag. 
  4. Tightly seal the Sleep8 sanitizing bag so it is airtight.  
  5. Locate the triangular shaped valve with a blue dot on the outside of the bag and the Sleep8 connection port, also with a blue dot. Connect the Sleep8 device with the valve on the outside of the bag, ensuring that the dots are aligned. The connection has to be accurate for the sanitization process to start.  
  6. Press the blue power button on the Sleep8 device until it beeps and the screen lights up. The display screen tracks details such as the status of the cleaning process and battery charge level of the device.  
  7. After the beep, a countdown will begin on the screen. The fan icon will start rotating with occasional pauses to signify that the cleaning has started.  
  8. Once the cleaning process is complete, the device will beep five times. The screen displays “OK” before the machine shuts down. 
  9. Manufacturers recommend that the CPAP components remain inside the bag for at least an hour after the device has turned off. 
  10. Unzip the bag, remove the CPAP components, and set up your CPAP system.  

Now that you have cleaned your CPAP machine with the Sleep8 Cleaning Device, you are ready to enjoy another great night of sleep. If you need any assistance with your CPAP or Sleep8 device, please feel free to contact us.

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