Cleaning Your CPAP Mask With Baby Wipes? NEVER DO IT!

In the U.S., with an estimated 26% of adults between the ages of 30 and 70 having obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), people are becoming more aware of CPAP therapy. Its success is credited to the treatment’s efficacy in improving sleep quality, reducing snoring, and eliminating daytime sleepiness. But its most significant benefit is its effectiveness at preventing the long-term ill-effects of the disorder such as high blood pressure, stroke, loss of memory, and other cognitive function complications. As a result, myths and controversial information are running rampant over the internet about the various aspects of life with sleep apnea, including how to clean a CPAP machine .

Looking for an effective and convenient way to clean your CPAP mask? Shop now for wipes made just for CPAP equipment.

Why do you need to clean your CPAP mask?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your CPAP mask is an essential aspect of your CPAP therapy. Because you are using the device on a daily basis, you have to be conscientious about skin oils, microbial growth, dirt, and mold that can build up in the nooks and crannies of the machine. Regular cleaning is the only way to ensure that the mask remains clear of any unwanted hazardous build-up.

In CPAP masks, you should be especially aware of the cleanliness of the fragile nose cushions.  If your mask is excessively dirty, it will give off a foul smell. If you continue to breathe through an unclean mask, you may expose yourself to dangerous microbes that can cause a number of health problems . Breathing in contaminated air from a dirty CPAP machine can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, pneumonia, and more. Using a dirty mask can lead to skin allergies and irritations, as well. 

What are baby wipes made of?

Commonly used cleaning wipes, including baby wipes, are made of materials including polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wood pulp, or rayon fibers. These materials are formed into sheets and moistened with water, cleansing and moisturizing agents, and preservatives to prevent microbial growth. They may be scented, unscented, or fragrance-free. Because they are gentle, many people believe that when it comes to cleaning a CPAP mask, baby wipes should be perfect.

Is cleaning your CPAP mask with baby wipes effective?

In a word, no. Simply stated, cleaning your CPAP Mask with baby wipes is not sufficient. For that, and for the general hygiene of the entire CPAP machine, the best idea is to use automatic CPAP cleaners. For a wipe to be efficient at cleaning your CPAP mask it has to strike a balance between strength and sensitivity.

The cleansing agents in the wipes should be strong enough to eliminate all kinds of organic residue and dirt on the mask and its fragile nose cushions. When you’re cleaning a CPAP mask, baby wipes are just not strong enough to provide the efficient cleaning your mask needs, and may also be harmful to your health if you use them long term.

CPAP mask cleaning wipes are the perfect complement to your CPAP cleaning supplies kit . They are engineered specifically for sanitizing CPAP masks. These wipes are created using proper cleansing agents that are harmless to your health and your mask, but tough on bacteria and other microbes. These wipes are a better choice for cleaning a CPAP mask; cleaning your CPAP Mask with baby wipes cannot compete with them on safety or efficiency.

If you’re cleaning a CPAP mask, baby wipes don’t make the grade.

Your CPAP mask, machine, and your skin are sensitive. They require the right blend of sensitivity and powerful cleaning. For cleaning a CPAP mask, baby wipes do not have the right combination of strength and gentleness.

Strength. When babies are born their skin does not have the same defenses against attacks from pathogens as adult skin does. Baby wipes are designed to cater to the extremely sensitive skin of infants. The cleansing agents and preservatives that are added to the wipes have limited strength. They are much milder than general cleansing agents, chemicals, or soaps. This ensures that infants’ skin does not become irritated by harsh chemicals. You need sanitizing strength when cleaning a CPAP mask; baby wipes’ focus on sensitivity renders them insufficient.

VirtuCLEAN CPAP Mask Cleaner Wipes are medical grade disinfectant wipes that are exceptionally efficient in cleaning CPAP masks compared to cleaning your CPAP mask with baby wipes. They remove the oil and dirt from your CPAP mask gently. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, unscented, and free of alcohol. For the safety of the environment, they are latex free and biodegradable.

Gentleness. Wet wipes, including baby wipes, have potentially allergenic ingredients. If you are cleaning your CPAP mask with baby wipes on a daily basis (especially without taking any additional steps to clean your mask thoroughly) these chemicals may accumulate on the inside surface of the mask. Given that you are going to put the mask straight over your nose and mouth, troublesome chemicals such as alcohol and moisturizing agents can irritate your nose, skin, air passageways, and lungs.

If you’re cleaning a CPAP mask, baby wipes fail to sufficiently remove irritants. The buildup of oil and other skin residue can cause the mask to slip, making it hard to wear during sleep. It can also cause the cushions to wear out, degrade the quality of the mask, and cause the mask to become uncomfortable to use overall.

Instead of cleaning your CPAP mask with baby wipes, another great product that you can use is Citrus II CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes. With the main ingredients being water and natural, gentle cleansers, these wipes are phenomenal in cleaning your CPAP mask and removing all organic residue.

What are the other benefits of using CPAP mask cleaning wipes?

When you’re traveling and cleaning a CPAP mask, baby wipes are very convenient. But so are specially formulated CPAP cleaning wipes, and they won’t interfere with your device’s efficiency. If you are planning a short vacation, you can use the cottony VirtuCLEAN Travel Wipes that are available in individual travel pack sizes. Sleep8 Mask M8tes Travel CPAP Wipes are specifically designed to assist in the cleaning of CPAP masks that have been sanitized with ozone. For this reason, they do not contain any oil like many other wipes.

If you’re cleaning a CPAP mask, baby wipes should stay with the baby!

If you have been cleaning your CPAP mask with baby wipes for a while, there is a good chance that your mask has an accumulation of organic residue and dirt. It is recommended that you contact your CPAP manufacturer and get your mask examined to ensure there isn’t any damage or deterioration that could impact its function. You can also contact the CPAP experts at CleanCPAP who can guide you in choosing the best CPAP mask cleaning wipe for your needs.

Not sure what CPAP mask you need?

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