3 Reasons Why an Ozone CPAP Cleaner Is Better Than Washing By Hand

It’s no secret that keeping your CPAP equipment clean is essential for your health. But do you clean it properly? Which cleaner do you prefer? UV or ozone CPAP cleaner? A contaminated or improperly cleaned CPAP machine can cause sinus and respiratory infections and even some allergic reactions. According to a case study published in 2017, a 67-year-old woman got infected with legionella pneumonia by home use of her CPAP machine. Later, it was found out that she had not been cleaning her CPAP equipment as recommended. This is just one of many cases of both minor and severe illness resulting from the use of improperly sanitized equipment.

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To prevent these types of infections, it’s essential that your CPAP equipment is adequately cleaned. To avoid the accumulation of dirt and oil in between complete cleanings, you can use CPAP mask wipes, but regular and thorough sanitation is still necessary. However, proper cleaning takes time. Maybe your hectic life creates a challenge when it comes to cleaning your CPAP machine. You have to take the mask and tubing apart, clean everything with soap and water, let it all air dry… Whew! It’s easy to see how something could get missed in that process. Enter an ozone CPAP cleaner- an appliance that takes care of the cleaning for you!

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What is Ozone?

Three oxygen atoms bond together to form ozone, a naturally occurring molecule also known as ‘activated oxygen‘ or O3. (The normal oxygen that we breathe is O2.) As a potent pathogen destroyer, ozone is highly effective against germs, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. This is why it’s commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and even restaurants to sanitize and disinfect equipment.

But should CPAP cleaners use ozone? CPAP cleaner technology has long used activated oxygen due to its highly effective sanitation levels. On the other hand, ozone gas is harmful to humans. When inhaled, ozone can cause lung irritation. Chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation can occur at relatively low dosages. To avoid human contact with ozone, an ozone CPAP cleaner comes with filters and sanitization bags with air-tight valves or other safety measures as well as an outgassing period to ensure that it doesn’t pose a risk to users. This is why ozone CPAP cleaners are safe to use and can help take cleaning your CPAP machine to a whole new level.

3 Reasons Why an Ozone CPAP Cleaner Is More Reliable Than Washing By Hand

1. Kills more bacteria and germs than standard CPAP cleaning methods.

The benefits of using an ozone CPAP cleaner are two-fold. Not only will it kill more bacteria and germs than traditional cleaning methods, but you’ll also reap the rewards with a healthier sleep cycle! The ability of ozone to eliminate 99.9% of microbial life makes it more effective than washing your CPAP machine by hand with soap and water. As well as being an effective sanitizer, ozone is also able to get into the smallest, trickiest, and most remote corners of your CPAP equipment and eliminate the most difficult microbes.

2. Safe and easy to use.

Ozone CPAP cleaner like the Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer include a sanitization bag that contains a charcoal filter so the ozone that comes out of the bag can be converted to oxygen. When cleaning CPAP tubing, ozone CPAP cleaners use airtight valves on the sanitization bag and the parts that connect to the tubing. This ensures that the ozone is trapped inside the bag and does not leak into the surrounding air. The shut-off mechanism in an ozone CPAP cleaner prevents the unit from running if the attachments are not securely attached, ensuring your safety. An outgassing “rest” period after cleaning makes sure all the ozone has dissipated before use.

3. Travel friendly.

An ozone CPAP cleaner can come in really small sizes, which are travel-friendly. The size of the CPAP cleaner does not affect its ability to work properly – it just makes it more convenient. These cleaners can generate ozone on their own, so you don’t have to buy or carry a separate heavy gas tank. Imagine getting back to your hotel room all tired and having to hand wash your CPAP machine. With the automatic turn-off feature in an ozone CPAP cleaner, you can leave the cleaner running while you are out and come back to your hotel room to a clean CPAP machine. Want to know which ozone CPAP cleaner is the most travel-friendly? Check out our comparison blog!

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When used properly, it is safe and effective to use ozone CPAP cleaning machines. Sanitizing ozone doses can be harmful if used carelessly, so it’s crucial to select a cleaner that prevents exposure to unacceptable ozone levels. The experts at CleanCPAP have selected the best and safest-to-use ozone CPAP cleaners for you. Sanitizing your CPAP machine should not be a hassle. Save time and sleep better with ozone CPAP cleaners.

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