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sleep8 cpap cleaner and sanitizer

Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer

$249 $229

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Using "activated oxygen", Sleep8 sterilizes and sanitizes your CPAP equipment naturally.

Works with all CPAP machines

Sleep8 does not require any special adapters or connectors since it does not attach directly to your CPAP machine.

Fast, Simple Cleaning

Simply put the CPAP supplies in the Sleep8 bag, press the start button and Sleep8 will take care of the rest.

Perfect for Travel

The Sleep8 can clean and sanitize anywhere — it's small, cordless, and waterless so it can easily travel with you.

Safe and Quiet Design

Sleep8 is quieter than older machines that use pumps and fans, and a safety switch ensuring the ozone is trapped isafely in bag.

Quickly, Easy Charging

When Sleep8 is plugged in, a beep is heard, the screen dims, and the battery icon shows it's charging.

What is inside the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner kit?


The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner kit includes the following components:

  • 1 Sleep8 Device
  • 1 Sanitizing Carbon Filter Bag
  • 1 Micro USB Charger
  • 1 Hard Case Travel Bag by CleanCPAP (Everything stores in 8″x7″x3″ case)
  • Code for Free Shipping on future supplies
  • 24 Month Replacement Warranty

When you order your Sleep8 CPAP cleaner kit from CleanCPAP, you get a gift! You’ll receive one special 8x7x3 hard case travel/storage bag by CleanCPAP free with your order!

Use discount code CLEAN at checkout for an additional 10% off

Safety and Effectiveness: How well does the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner work?

The Sleep8 effectively and silently destroys 99% of the bacteria, mold, and viruses lurking within your CPAP device. It comes with a sanitization bag that has a built-in charcoal filter that converts the ozone coming out of the bag into oxygen. You should replace the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner filter bag every three months with daily use.

The Sleep8 Sanitizer uses airtight valves on the sanitization bag that connect to the CPAP tubing for cleaning. The flapper valves also ensure that the ozone remains captured within the disinfecting bag. This creates a closed circulation loop which prevents the ozone from escaping into the air inside your home. Make sure that the Sleep8 setup is not disturbed until one hour after the completion of the sanitization process for all the ozone to dissipate, as breathing in the ozone can cause a number of respiratory side effects. An integrated shut-off mechanism also ensures safety by preventing the unit from running when the components are not securely attached.

Ease of use: How feasible is it to use the Sleep8 Sanitizer daily?

How do you set up the Sleep8?

The Sleep8 has bare minimum set-up requirements. The sanitizing process only requires the sanitization bag, the device, and components that you have to clean. All you need to do is place the components in the bag, connect the CPAP hose to the white port inside the sanitizing bag, and press the power button when you are ready to start the cleaning.

How do you use the Sleep8?

The Sleep8 Sanitizer is a very easy-to-use device. You begin by removing the CPAP components that you need to clean from the CPAP machine. Make sure that the water chamber of your CPAP machine’s humidifier is emptied and wipe the components with CPAP wipes or a soft cloth. This will remove any dirt or debris that is clinging to the surfaces of these parts.

Open the Sleep8 sanitizing bag and locate the circular valve at the bottom of the bag. You will need to attach one end of the CPAP tubing to this circular valve. Place all the components that have been wiped clean inside the Sleep8 sanitizing bag and zip the bag closed to make it airtight.

Connect the triangular-shaped valve with a blue dot on the outside of the Sleep8 sanitization bag to the blue alignment dot on the Sleep8 device’s connection port. The connection has to be tight, otherwise the sanitization process will not start. Press the blue power button on the Sleep8 device to begin the sanitizing. The device will beep when it switches on and the screen lights up. When the sanitizing cycle is complete the device will beep five times and an OK will be displayed on the screen. Then the device will automatically shut down to save power.

Use discount code CLEAN at checkout for an additional 10% off

How much time does it take?

The Sleep8 takes one hour to finish sanitizing your CPAP components after which it turns itself off. Wait for one hour after the Sleep8 sanitizing cycle has finished to give the ozone time to convert into oxygen. Then your CPAP components can be safely removed.

How do you charge the Sleep8?

You are advised to keep the Sleep8 fully charged before using it because if the device shuts down in the middle of the cleaning process, it may lead to improper sanitation of your CPAP components. While you can use the device when it is charging, keeping it on charge while using the device is not necessary. You can charge your Sleep8 using a USB cable and an adapter that are provided in the kit. It takes about one and a half hours for the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner unit to fully charge. You can track the remaining battery life through the indicator on the screen. If the indicator shows that the battery is low, you should charge it before using.

How do you replace the filter on the Sleep8?

The affordable Sleep8 sanitizer bag should be replaced every three months if used daily. The bag comes with a built-in filter, so the filter doesn’t need to be replaced separately; it is part of the bag. In case the bag gets soiled you can wipe it clean with a dry cloth. You do not have to worry about the sanitization of the bag during the sanitizing cycles for your CPAP components, as the bag cleans itself from the inside.  The filter in the bag has to be kept dry, so it is not advised to wash the Sleep8 sanitization bag.

How do you use the Sleep8 Sanitizer’s screen?

There is a small, circular, illuminated screen on your Sleep8 device. The screen displays multiple kinds of indicators for tracking and controlling the functioning of the device as well as charging the Sleep8 battery. The details displayed include: the battery indicator, a timer to show the remaining time to complete the cycle, a fan icon to show that cleaning is underway, and an 03 icon to show that the Sleep8 device is properly connected to the bag.

Portability and functionality: How well does the Sleep8 fit your life?

The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is the best CPAP cleaner in the portability category. It is a small device that can easily fit in the palm of your hand with a size of just 5.25 x 3.25 x 2.25 inches. The Sleep8 is also light, weighing just over half a pound. It is stylishly shaped in an asymmetrical-8 or a lopsided-infinity sign and can easily fit in a small handbag or even the side pocket of your backpack when you are on the move. It has a large, yet flexible and foldable, sanitizing bag that gives you the freedom to sanitize all your CPAP components together. The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes with a warranty of 24 months for the device, 12 months for the charger, and 3 months for the sanitization bag with in-built filter.

How versatile is the Sleep8?

The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is a very versatile device. It works for all kinds of CPAP equipment, all kinds of masks, heated or non-heated tubing, headgear, and humidifier chamber. It does not need any special adapters or connectors. The Sleep8 is perfect for an APAP, BiPAP, or CPAP.

How much does the Sleep8 Sanitizer cost?

The regular price of the Sleep8 is $249. However, you can get it on sale or with additional discounts, so keep an eye out for our specials.

The Sleep8 device is also a qualified HSA/FSA expense.

Use discount code CLEAN at checkout for an additional 10% off

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